Trusted. Open. Reliable.
Your True Partner in
Contract Food Manufacturing.

Trusted. Open. Reliable.
Your True Partner in
Contract Food Manufacturing.

Trusted. Open. Reliable.
Your True Partner in
Contract Food Manufacturing.

As a leader in contract food packaging, JHS provides portion controlled dry foods and liquid condiments to the Consumer Packaged Goods and Foodservice industries. We ship millions of packets a week and support multiple large, custom projects. We curb labor costs, improve consistency, reduce safety risks, and enhance customer experience. Most importantly, by choosing JHS as your contract food manufacturer, you are gaining a transparent, solutions driven partner.

45 years ago, a successful oilman launched
Serendipity spices. Immediately, Jess Hall realized
his biggest challenge was reliable co-packing.
We modeled JHS on what Jess was looking for:
custom solutions, a transparent process, quick
turn-around, and dedicated experts — at the right price.

What We Do

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We are primarily known as a manufacturer for single serve sachets and single serve packets, but our SQF level 2 facility can handle anything from 1/2 gram pouches and sachets to 1,000 lb. totes.

Our quality assurance measures include:

  • SQF Level II Certified
  • HACCP & GMP Plans and Protocol
  • Traceability, foreign material, chemical and allergen programs
  • Kosher Available
  • Shelf Life and Stability Testing
  • Non-GMO Available
  • Microbiological Testing
  • single serve packet manufacturer
  • single serve sachet manufacturer
  • Sachet

  • Packet

  • Die-Cut Pouch

  • Pilow Bag

  • Premade Bag

  • Canister

  • Bag in a Box

  • Bag-in-Carton

  • Bulk Sack

contract food manufacturer

How We’re Different

We are a family business — and communicate like a family, no matter how large your project.

Our dedicated experts offer custom production, superior logistics, and frequent, open communication.

Meaning you get exactly what you want when you want it.

Bottom line: We’re not just another vendor, but an integral part of your supply chain, ensuring business goals are met.


Allow JHS become an expert in your needs

  • Project goals
  • Preferred ordering procedure and schedule
  • Project, packaging, and artwork specification
  • Projected volumes
  • Growth forecasting
  • Defining priorities


Adapting our value to your project and company

  • Tooling and Equipment Customization
  • Food Safety and Quality Control Analysis
  • Project, packaging, and artwork apecifications
  • Sample review
  • Pricing Estimates and Project Lead Time
  • Production Approval


Products are only one aspect of our value proposition

  • Our team are experts in client procurement, development, and supply chain needs.
  • Regulary scheduled communications
  • Client driven assessments
  • Forecast developments

Who We Work With

As an end-to-end solution for tier-one companies across the food industry, we serve a variety of clients, both large and small:

  • Quick Service Restaurant
  • Fast Casual
  • Food Service
  • Casual Dining
  • Industrial Food Service
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Private Label
  • White Label
  • Delivery Service
JHS’ level of service is so far above and beyond any of the hundreds of vendors we use that we consider them a partner, not a vendor. —National Delivery Partner

Meet Our Family

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We’ve taken what we learned from 45 years experience and applied it here. DUB HALL PARTNER / PRESIDENT
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If it’s possible to do something for my customer, we’ll find a way. CARSON LYNCH
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It’s a family culture. We all have each other’s backs. It makes a difference. JIMMY NEAL PRODUCTION MANAGER
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We’re nimble, agile, and have lots of flexibility. CRAWFORD RODGERS PARTNER / COO
image description
We jump through hoops for orders. If you’re successful, so are we. GANTT BUMSTEAD PARTNER /
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I’ve worked here since I was 17. It really is like a family. MATTHEW MANNING LEAD OPERATOR
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Every department at JHS works hand in hand to help the others. CHAD TAWWATERS WAREHOUSE MANAGER
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We have true open communication with our customers. We keep them in the loop every step of the way. WILLIAM DUNLAP FINANCE
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Food safety and customer quality standards are our obsession. WILMA JIM-HORSE QA AND FOOD SAFETY
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We all work as a team. It sounds like a cliché, but at JHS it’s real. GILBERT GAMEZ ASST. FACILITIES MANAGER

Contact Us

Our centralized location allows us to ship anything, anywhere—fast.
We are on the west side of Fort Worth, off University and White Settlement.

  • JHS Packaging
  • 2920 Shotts Street
    Fort Worth TX 76107
  • 817-348-0611

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